Community Outreach & Education

Advocate provides support to a man during an emotional time

Crisis Support: Community Outreach and Education

To raise awareness on domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, we provide educational workshops and presentations in the community focusing on prevention.

For example, we have an established teen violence prevention program and human trafficking education for youth and professionals. We work one-on-one with youth identified as high risk via human service organizations and schools and help them gain safety.

We also provide education to promote tolerance and acceptance in regards to age, race, gender, sexual orientation (LGBTQ), disability and religion.

If you are in Craig or a surrounding community and would like to see how we can help your business, school or organization with resources, contact our office today to learn more.

Need Support?

At Open Heart Advocates, our specialty is educating the public and raising awareness about important topics such as sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking.

Call our office today if you would like our assistance in becoming a community resource in Craig and/or surrounding communities.


24-Hour Crisis Line: 970-824-2400